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Mumbai, India

Scope of Work 
Lighting Design and Execution

Gifted with a unique voice that contains traces of traditional Punjabi folk singers, Prabh Deep is widely acknowledged as one of the most forward-thinking artists in South Asia today.

The very versatile Prabh Deep, over the past two years, has quickly made his name in India’s independent music industry. The third studio album titled ‘Tabia’, is Prabh Deep’s magnum opus that spans a rich tapestry of soundscapes and presents an intensely vulnerable and no holds barred deep-dive into the minds of a critical and thoughtful artist.

The live show The Five Elements of Tabia explores a visual narrative that runs across the album and showcases Prabh Deeps ability as a top notch performer and a storyteller.

Conceptualised and Performed by: Prabh Deep

Director: Angshuman Ghosh

Director of Photography: Quais Waseeq

Lighting Designer: Naveen Deshpande (Ground Control)

Stylist / Designer: Varun Mehta

Executive Producers: Sidhant Bhutani & Omar Salim

Producers: Himanshi Vaswani, Mo Joshi & Nikhil Udupa

Produced by 4/4 Experiences

Co-Produced by WMS Entertainment

Set Design by OppositeHQ

Assistant Director: Keshav Bhugra

Set Designers: Rahma Aamina Javeed & Priyanka Poulose

First AC/ Camera Operator: Suraj Dande

Production Supervisors: Akshat Kumar & Sharan Behl

Assistant Production Supervisors: Sharun Trehan & Aniket Singh

Production Assistants: Jatin Tambe & Prasad Iyer

Audio Mixed and Mastered by: Prabh Deep

Live Sound Engineer: Pritesh Prabhune

Editor: Keshav Bhugra

Colorist: Dilshad Cama (Coolab Media)

Assistant Editor: Pulkit Sharma

Assistant Stylist: Prathiksha Shetty

Camera Attendants: Mukesh Yadav, Rajendra Agariya, Ashutosh Singh, Shamsuddin Khan

Lighting Team: Shrikant Atale, Kamal Ahuja, Wahid, Ravi, Babu

Focus Puller: Pankaj Gupta

Venue Manager: Mohanan RV

Dress man: Sarat Kudip

Venue: Famous Studios

Lighting Equipment: RD Enterprises

Camera Equipment: Siddhivinayak Vision Films

Sanitisation Unit: Life First Healthcare Solutions

Vanity: Amit Vanity


Tabia written by Prabh Deep

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