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Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai

Scope of Work 
Lighting Design, Set up and Execution

Spread across various cities, each gathering will be unique in scope and international in vision. RESET hopes to pave the way for a more discerning way of experiencing left-field genres as well as intelligent dance music, enabling audiences to hear different sounds.


Be warned, that RESET is not a festival. It’s a celebration focused on the artist and as such, is created from a more hands-on perspective that UnMute is known for. Bringing together top DJ’s from across India as well as finding young artists in each city that RESET goes to – we hope to spark off something big. 


RESET featured India’s hottest domestic electronic dance music talent playing b2b (back to back) sets. These sets will stem from previously successful as well as brand new collaborations, ensuring there’s something fresh for each edition by pitching similar thinking DJ’s together to create mad sounds.

Photo Credits:  TRonnie Willis, The Clique Photography, Ashish Parmar, Unmute

Video Credits:  Unmute, Reset

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