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Scope of Work 
Lighting Design, Set up and Execution

Parvaaz is a four member band assimilating several international progressive/psychedelic rock influences but with their own expression has a rooted-ness that makes their sound unique. Parvaaz's sound has often been described as one that transcends musical genres taking the listener into spaces that traverse folk, blues and psychedelia, wrapped in an ambient sound that is familiar yet elusive.

The band comprises Khalid Ahamed (Vocals & Guitar), Bharath Kashyap (Guitars), Sachin Banandur (Drums &
Percussion) and Fidel Dsouza (Bass Guitar).

Parvaaz toured India extensively on a string of performances and festivals, with Ground Control  providing lighting design, set up and execution support.

Photo Credits:  Sonal Manohare, Parvaaz

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