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Scope of Work  
Custom Visual Content and Execution

The quintessential Bombay fly boy, Naezy lays down conscious, Desi rap with a flair seldom seen in the scene. This guy talks local, rapping about the place he grew up and the issues we face today. He’s intertwines his signature brand of lyrics and compositions to highlight the problems that exist in the city's ghettos and to resonate with the outrage felt by the country’s youth with regards to class & culture barriers, religious differences, failing education systems and dearth of economic opportunities provided by the system. Naezy is all about breaking the social norms and expressing what's wrong with the country and its system.

Ground Control specialises in creating custom made content for various touring acts. 

We work closely with the artists right from the ideation stage to creatively depict their narratives using curated content, animations, characters, or even images. We plan and execute dynamic lighting and stage designs to create visual experiences that bring out the emotional intent of the music.

Some of our most recent work includes Naezy's 2021 Touring visual pack, designed at Ground Control studios.

Video Credits:  Ground Control

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