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Mumbai, India

Scope of Work 
Lighting Design, Set up and Execution

For one weekend in January, the industrial environs of Richardson & Cruddas in Byculla (Mumbai)  became ground zero for metal in India. Besides a lineup packed with international and sub-continental talent, BIG69  also featured great food stalls, art installations, and the kvlture project - a special showcase of art and iconography associated with heavy metal. 


The line-up for the first year included UK death metal legends Carcass, English prog metal titans Sikth, English rap metallers Hacktivist, Italian technical death metal act Fleshgod Apocalypse, Bombay Metal Project, Kryptos, Demonic Resurrection, Undying Inc, Inner Sanctum, Zygnema, Noiseware, Providence, Joint Family, Plague Throat and many others.

Video Credits:  Gearhouse

Photos Credits:  Himanshu Rohila, Parizad D, Sagnik Karmarkar, Swapnil Patil, BIG69

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