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Mumbai & Bangalore, India

Scope of Work 
Lighting Design, Set up and Execution

Backdoors is an extraordinary outdoor concert experience produced exclusively by The Humming Tree. They bring to you, stand alone shows featuring some of the biggest artists in the world for all the love that can be filled into special warehouse venues and outdoor spaces. But that's not all, each aspect of the festival is uniquely knit together with experiences loaded with good energies that everyone can both absorb and contribute to.

Backdoors is about keeping it simple and making space for good change in the industry by bringing music to your very own backyards. The goal is to eventually launch waves of revolution to stand alongside artists in support of their art. You will see that the festival has grown along with its parent values at the upcoming edition; an ethos that The Humming Tree proudly claims as its own - to provide a platform for local talent, to cushion their growth, and to enable development with clarity, and to leave behind things that inadvertently make art and performance something that it doesn't need to be.

Video Credits:  Bira 91, Backdoors Festival

Photos Credits:  Hari Adivarekar

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