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Delhi, India

Scope of Work 
Lighting Design, Set up and Execution

Auster WIP, a US-based curated marketplace for e-liquids, came to Delhi with a secret warehouse party celebrating the confluence of music and the arts. Closely associated with the creative communities of music, art and fashion in the United States, Auster WIP  mirrored their success across the Atlantic with a multi-sensory experience involving experimental music, art and design exhibits and premium products. Music is at the core of Auster WIP, reflected in the carefully curated line up for the evening featuring Amsterdam producer Jarreau Vandal from the beat-focused Soulection imprint and rising Asian star and Seoul based selector Didi Han accompanied by local talents MadStarBase and Zokhuma.

Video Credit:  Auster

Photo Credits:  Jesse Gale, Boxout FM

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